SEN    Skills for Life

A series of eleven short form dramas aimed at supporting young people with learning disabilities to deal with issues encountered by young people in general.

IM Imposter: Online Safety     Part 1 of 2  Dur: 3’49”

John has a mild learning difficulty. He’s been chatting to someone online and arranges to meet them in the park.


Stranger Danger : Online Safety     Part 2 of 2  Dur: 4’31”

John has made a new friend online and has arranged to meet them in a park. But the person who shows up isn’t the person he was expecting……….


He Got Told: How NOT to Get a Girlfriend

A teenage fantasist tries to chat-up two fellow students. It doesn’t go very well.  Dur: 3’18”


We Want a Party: Working Together   Dur: 5’19”

 Three teenagers with severe learning difficulties decide to have a party for their friends. They plan who to invite and what to eat.


If the time’s right: peer pressure and sex Dur: 4’01”

 Millie and John have been going out together for a couple of months and they’re thinking about sex. They both have mild learning difficulties.


Dealing With Feelings   Dur: 3’22”

Several teenagers with learning difficulties talk about how they deal with uncomfortable feelings, such as anger and being fed-up.


Movie Mayhem: Bad Behaviour at the Cinema   Dur: 3’49”

A group of friends go to the cinema. Some of them don’t seem to know how to behave appropriately.


Staying Out of Trouble  Dur: 3’56”

Henry’s got a mild learning difficulty. He’s at his aunt’s house with his cousin Jade and a couple of her friends. A fight starts and Henry’s not sure what he should do.


Leave Me Alone: Inappropriate Attention  Dur: 5’14”

Millie and Declan both have mild learning difficulties. Declan keeps harassing Millie at school. Millie wants to tell someone about what’s happening but doesn’t know how.


Bullying: Henry’s Story  Dur: 4’52”

 Henry has a mild learning difficulty. A boy and a girl who go to his school are bullying him and he’s not sure what to do about it.


Know Who Your Friends Are  Dur: 5’21”

 A teenage lad is at a party with her friend. Everything’s going fine until two older teenagers gatecrash the party and proceed to get him friend drunk.