Here is a  selection of movies and animations produced over several years for various broadcasters and clients

Dance with the Elements (BBC Learning)      Classical music for primary and SEN.



Boy from Before (BSL Zone)   A Deaf school drama – a fully signed film in BSL with English and Welsh subtitles

Vanishing Point (Youth Music Theatre UK)

“Come with me, lie with me, walk with me, fly with me…”

In a town that might be your town, where teenagers are seen as vermin and the scum of the street, something is stirring. It’s a time where children are feeling increasingly undervalued; invisible within their own communities, where young people are being let down by their own governments, and having doors closed on them from all angles. Something has been building for far too long. Now is the time for change. It’s time to get our point across.

But while we wait for the story to unfold, there are still answers that need to be found – Where is that music coming from? What mysteries lie in the water? And what does this all have to do with the town’s Mayor, and the pile of clothes on the beach?


Produced as part of a Youth Music Theatre summer school in 2014

Judge Jenny Folktale Court  (BBC Learning)  A series of animations – conflicting fairy tale characters take issues to court for mediation by Judge Jenny

Make a Musical   (BBC Learning) A musical constructed for school emulation.

See the full musical scene by scene. 

Wanna Be a Rockstar (BBC Learning)

A clip from SEN music project – Wanna Be A Rockstar

Film Show Reel 2011

A test piece for Deaf/ hearing animation:


To give a full viewing experience for both Deaf kids and hearing kids alike requires a subtle understanding of both Deaf and hearing culture and language perceptions. The idea of producing something that Deaf kids can share with their hearing siblings and vice versa that is truly inclusive also takes some ingenuity in development, writing and production. Uniquely in Lizzie Lester sign language is an integral part of the animation rather than the more usual sub-titles or  live-action in vision signing on a audio dialogue-led animation. In this production the characters  sign and speak simultaneously. Much of the story telling, however, will be visually led through animation. One subtle feature is that the Deaf viewer and the hearing viewer could have distinctive and not necessarily the same viewing experience.  There may be sign language only jokes and spoken only jokes embedded in the scripts which will enrich the viewing experience for all. There will be a number of  Deaf personnel on the team.

As part of our vision for social inclusion we anticipate that hearing kids will start to pick up elements of sign language which in turn will make them socially capable of interaction with Deaf children. The experience of the BBC’s Something Special programme, which uses Makaton Signing for cognitively challenged children, is that mainstream children become familiar with signing and in fact start using signing.  We regard this as a great social plus for this ground-breaking project.