Boris Games  – the highly acclaimed game  Makaton edition
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Winner TIGA awards 2013 and 2015      TIGA awaard winners logos-01

Children’s BAFTA nominated 2015  British Academy of Film and Television Arts

Japan Prize runner up 2015  japa prize logo

A breakthrough communication game for young people who use signing to support their communication. Uses Kinect Technology for sign recognition. 

The superhero avatar ‘Boris’ – designed in collaboration with our users – guides users through games that introduce new signs, in vocational contexts in which they might be used (eg in employment, further education or independent living), and allows students to practice and improve their ability to make the sign correctly using the sign recognition system.

Boris is unlike any other Makaton signing learning aid on the market. Boris brings an exciting and motivational tool for children to engage with and learn at the same time.

What makes Boris so different?

Boris is revolutionising the support available for those with no or poor  verbal communication skills by utilising Makaton signing in a fun, engaging and hands-on way in the classroom.

Boris isn’t just a pretty Makaton signing character – he’s a superhero who understands Makaton!  The games use groundbreaking signing recognition technology that actually recognises signs as students perform them. The game encourages signing clarity, leading to the practice of more comprehensible signing and developing students’ signing capability for wider use.

Tech bits

Requires Windows 8.1 onwards ( Windows 10 preferred).

You’ll also need a Kinect One sensor with USB adaptor which is available through the Microsoft Store or Argos or our own store.

To buy go to our store.      or contact us at